Pendulum Grid Boards (7" and 10.5" Options)



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Designed and built in the USA by the American Carver Artists, our Pendulum Grids are available in two American Woods: Red Oak, offering a light color with beautiful wood grains, and our Sapele Wood, offering a darker color palette with an elegant wood finish. We source our lumber from American farms growing sustainable forests. Each grid is laser etched with absolute precision in our on-site studio and then rests on a Copper and Gold Sacred Geometry charging plate before being sanitized and packaged for shipment. The Pendulum Grid is also offered in two sizes, our smaller 7" circumference and our larger 10.5" circumference, each are a 1/4 inch thick.



The Pendulum Grids were designed by American Carver Co-Founder, Dr. Steve Johnston, a life-long meditation teacher and light-worker. Our beautiful Pendulum Grid features the Flower of Life in the center circle, surrounded by multiple concentric rings of information which allows your pendulum to swing in limitless directions and configurations. The inner most ring is comprised of 4 words, each mirrored across from one another, allowing the pendulum to swing back and forth in an even motion to answer your direct question: Yes, No, Maybe, and Rephrase. The next ring offers the days of the week with the third ring featuring the complete English alphabet and numbers 1 through 0. The outer most ring features the 12 months of the year. Together, this beautiful engraved grid offers limitless interaction using your favorite pendulum.


A Pendulum grid is a light working tool, intended for the practitioner to set an intention, typically through meditation, prayer and/or focus, or asking a questions while holding a crystal, wooden or metal pendulum over the grid, relaxing as it begins to move inches above the surface of the board, pointing to letters, symbols or words, adding insight to your question or Tarot Reading. Various crystals can also be added to the board to create an energetic grid. Pendulum work is different than a Ouija Board or Spirit Board, as the Pendulum Practitioner is communicating with their Higher Self, their unconscious mind, in order to delve deeper into self-reflection and insight. Our Higher Self is believed to be a multidimensional aspect of our conscious mind, existing at the highest energetic levels, connected to the universal divine source. The practitioner is communicating with their Highest Aspect, allowing the pendulum to move across the grid, answering questions and offering information.


  • Wood: (American Wood Options) Red Oak or Sapele
  • Design:  Precision Laser Etched and Cut
  • Circumferences: 7" inch (17.78 Centimeters) or 10.5 inches (26.67 centimeters)
  • Thickness: 1/4th inch (0.635 centimeters)
  • Weight: 20.0 ounces (567 grams)


  • Each Pendulum Grid is shipped fully assembled & ready to use.
  • Handmade in the USA on Florida’s Nature Coast!
  • Incredibly lightweight at 20.0 ounces (567 grams).
  • We use all natural wood, and with all natural wood products, every Pendulum Grid will have its own natural wood color and grain variations.
  • Crystals and other light-working tools used in our photographs are intended to showcase the use of the Pendulum Grid and are not included.
  • Not meant to be a replacement for Medical Advice or Treatment.