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Designed and manufactured in the USA by the American Carver Artists, our Journey Tiles Divination Set is available in three types of woods: Baltic Birchwood, offering a light color with beautiful, natural wood grains, American Cherry wood with smooth mediums tones, or our American Sapele wood which boasts a heavier, deeper color palette in finished elegant tones. We source our American lumber from farms growing sustainable forests. Each of the 36 individual tiles are laser etched with absolute precision in our studio and then rests on a Copper and Gold Sacred Geometry charging plate before being sanitized and packaged for shipment. Each set of tiles is accompanied by our laser engraved cotton carry bag for easy storage and transportation. 



The 36 Tiles 
Balance, Beauty, Compassion, Cooperation, Courage, Creativity, Education, Enlighten, Expectancy, Faith, Flexibility, Forgiveness, Freedom, Generosity, Gratitude, Harmony, Healing, Honesty, Illuminate, Integrity, Light, Love, Play, Purpose, Obedience, Patience, Release, Responsible, Sensitivity, Shadow, Strength, Surrender, Transform, Trust, Truth, Willingness

General Use
Our Journey Tiles were created after months of testing through actual use as a stand alone divination set and in combination with Tarot Spreads and Crystal Grids. Created by Dr. Steve Johnston, a co-founder of American Carver, the Journey Tiles work with the practitioner's unconscious and conscious minds, delving into deeper questions about one's self while also connecting with the higher self, higher realms and active energetics. Using the Tiles is natural and easy, whether you have been using other systems for years or if this is your very first step into inner exploration.


Single Tile, Daily Tile:
Each morning, sit comfortably and take several deep breaths while relaxing your body and calming your mind. If you are currently practicing a form of meditation, feel free to meditate first in your regular method. Then sit with the Journey Tiles, holding the intention of deeper knowing, asking for guidance or illumination around whatever is most important for you today. Place the Journey Tiles on a flat surface, word-side down and gently mix the tiles around while you are focused on the intention of guidance for this day. Do this for as long as it feels appropriate, enjoying the feeling of the wood, the sound of the tiles connecting with one another, the movement of the air as you move your hands. Then choose one Journey Tile and reveal the word. Note that you can also set your Journey Tiles in a copper or wooden bowl and gently mix them about, without looking, until you are ready to pull one tile. Sit with your word, avoiding the temptation to rationalize why this word, what it might mean and all of the other thoughts that the critical mind will want to offer you. Just breathe for a couple of minutes and set the tile in a location where you will encounter it a few times during your day. The message of this single tile will be realized, typically when you least expect it and are not actively searching for the meaning. Some practitioners journal at the end of each day, recording their Daily Word and what they noted, felt and experienced throughout their day. In this method, the Journey Tiles offer gentle nudges, supportive affirmations, slight course corrections, all with an abundance of love from your energetic guides and your Higher Self.

Combination Uses:
We designed the size of the Journey Tiles to specifically work in conjunction with Crystal Grids and standard sized Tarot Cards. This allows practitioners to go deeper in their divination work, allowing the Journey Tiles to offer more directed insight and support. With a Crystal Grid, the Journey Tiles can be chosen, just as you choose which crystals you are setting and on what type of Grid, you may also choose the words you wish to connect with, empower and send out with your activated grid. This may also be done unseen, choosing the Journey Tiles randomly while holding the intention of the overall grid, allowing your guides to add their direct voices of support and revelations.

We also offer the Journey Tiles set with two of our most Popular Crystal Grids as a pack, check our catalogue for more information on this amazing combination. Check our YouTube Channel and Blog (Tarot, Tiles & Coffee) on our web site at for deeper dives, different spreads and other supportive information.


  • Wood: (Options) Baltic Birch, American Cherry or Sapele
  • Design:  Precision Laser Etched and Cut
  • Tile Height: 1.75 inches (4.45 centimeters)
  • Tile Width: 0.5 inches (1.27 centimeters)
  • Tile Thickness: 1/8th inch (0.3175 centimeters)
  • Overall Weight: 3.0 ounces (85 grams) including carry bag


  • Each Journey Tile set is shipped fully assembled & ready to use.
  • Handmade in the USA on Florida’s Nature Coast!
  • Incredibly lightweight at 3.0 ounces (85 grams).
  • We use all natural wood, and with all natural wood products, every Tile Set will have its own natural wood color and grain variations.
  • Photos displaying crystals and other light working tools are for display purposes only and do not come with the purchase of the Journey Tiles.
  • Divination Tools are not meant to replace medical care when needed. Please always consult your Health Care Professionals in an emergency.