Chartres Labyrinth Grid (Engraved Hand-Sanded Oak)

American Carver


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Designed and built in the USA by the American Carver Artists, our Chartres Labyrinth Grid is available in Red Oak, which offers a light color with beautiful flowing wood grains. The pathways on this Labyrinth Grid have been engraved and then hand-sanded to create a beautifully smooth recessed path which your finger can glide along! The grid is then hand polished with a fine finishing wax. We source our lumber from American farms growing sustainable forests. Each board is laser etched with absolute precision in our on-site shop and then rests on a Copper and Gold Sacred Geometry charging plate before being sanitized and packaged for shipment.



The American Carver Artists created this 7" Grid to allow anyone in just about any location, to "walk" the same labyrinth. Using your finger or a crystal point, start at the beginning and slowly, with intention, begin tracing the path as you repeat a prayer, mantra or simply follow your breath and the path you are tracing. Let any thoughts that may enter your mind simply fall away, without judging yourself or holding onto any one thought. Allow your emotions to simply be emotions, tears may fall, joy may erupt, whatever the emotion, stay with the path of your finger or crystal. Upon reaching the center, you may choose to sit in silence for a short time and allow whatever you are experience to be with your mindful state, simply being with yourself in gratitude for giving yourself the gift of this brief meditative focus. You can end your session here or retrace the path back out to the entrance in the same manner. This exercise can be done one or more times per day, but is most effective when you are struggling with hard emotions, find yourself upset or feeling lost. Allow the labyrinth to reconnect you to your higher self. This process crosses all religions, ethnicities and ages, even children find a meditative experience in this simple practice.


For thousands of years, Earth's ancestors created large labyrinths to walk in a meditative state, calming their inner mind while enhancing their connection to the divine. The Chartres Labyrinth was designed during the Gothic period, completed in 1221 for the Notre-Dame de Chartres Cathedral in France. The Chartres Labyrinth was the largest Labyrinth of its day, spanning 12.85 meters. Beginning at the entrance, the individual would quiet their mind and begin walking with intention, one foot after another, either repeating a prayer, mantra or simply following their breath and the path before them, holding their eyes with a soft gaze while focusing only on the path. Upon reaching the center, they would stand or sit quietly, allowing the meditative state to enhance. They would then either retrace their path back again in the same way or walk a straight line out of the labyrinth.


  • Wood: (American Wood Options) Red Oak or Sapele
  • Design:  Precision Laser Etched and Cut
  • Circumference: 7.0 inches (17.78 centimeters)
  • Thickness: 1/8th inch (0.3175 centimeters)
  • Weight: 5.0 ounces (141.7 grams)


  • Each Labyrinth is shipped fully assembled & ready to use.
  • Handmade in the USA on Florida’s Nature Coast!
  • Incredibly lightweight at 5.0 ounces (141.7 grams).
  • We use all natural wood, and with all natural wood products, every Labyrinth will have its own natural wood color and grain variations.
  • Crystals and other light-working tools used in our photographs are intended to showcase the use of the Labyrinth Grid and are not included.
  • Not meant for sustained outdoor use.