How To Use Crystal Grid Generators

September 30, 2020

How To Use Crystal Grid Generators

What's a Generator Anyway?

Typically, the center of your grid formation houses a single crystal point, tower or for some, a sphere. This location is where the Crystal Generator rests, receiving and amplifying energy from the grid, set with your intention(s).

You might think of a generator as the crystal tower in the center of a beautiful array which harnesses all of the energy of the other array crystals, focusing and amplifying that energy outwards and back inwards, creating an energy field.

Torsion FIeld

Torsion fields are the most common form that the energy will take, looking like a large inner-tube or doughnut with the energy moving into the center (to the generator on the grid) and then back out again, only to repeat this circular pattern moving back in on itself at it's center. Drunvelo Melchizedeck has taught that through meditation and tapping the energetic sacred geometry of our human form, we produce this same torsion field, emanating from our heart chakra and moving at almost the speed of light, charging our light body to activate the Merkaba field. I recommend his book Living in the Heart if you would like to learn more about this aspect of energy work.

Generators are not just quartz crystals, but can be any type of crystal. Quartz is quite common since you can "program" quartz with your intentions. This can be done in several different ways, the most common being to first cleanse the crystal by running water over the crystal surface, placing it on a selenite charging plate and setting this out in the light of the moon. Once cleansed, the quartz can be programmed by holding it during meditation and focusing your intention (mind) and emotion (heart) into the quartz. Visualization is your most powerful tool in this process, as energy moves instantly and is typically invisible to the naked eye, but not to your pineal gland, your inner eye! Trust in the process of visualization while you are developing your psychic muscles.

What about the Shape of the Generator?

Purist will argue that you must have a natural crystal, not lab grown or fumed with an alloy or precious metal. That the crystal formation must be a natural point and not a cut point made by a crystal worker or jeweler.  And if you want to have the purest energy transference possible for your grid, a natural crystal point will be the best choice if you have one available.

Generators come in different shapes and sizes. The purest use the natural crystal point and define the following as absolutes in determining that a crystal point is in fact a generator:

  • The crystal has a single point that is set in the very center, commonly referred to as the termination point.
  •  The crystal has six faces (sides) that all meet at the termination point.

This produces the cleanest energy amplification wave and is heavily sought after for its pure properties. Ethan Lazzerini authored several crystal books covering this in detail. I would recommend Crystal Grids Power as an excellent source of information that you will return to many times while working with your crystals and grids. 

Oh No! I Don't Have a Perfect Crystal Generator!

That's perfectly OK! You can still benefit from the power and energy of a well intended crystal grid! Even the purist will argue that as long as it has a terminated point, roughly on center and has 6 sides, even if they are not all triangular to the center point, the energy will move and the crystal field will generate!. 

Most crystal collectors, energy and light workers have an array of crystal generators. Typically, they have a very few near perfect specimens that they spent extra time and finances obtaining. The rest of their collection tend to be beautiful varying types of crystals with different cuts, sizes and colors, some natural, some cut and some fumed. Most common to these collections are standing crystal towers, multi-terminated crystals, crystal wands, and spheres. 

While spheres do not meet the criteria set above for a true generator, they absolutely can be used in the center of your grid when you want the intentions you are setting to move out into the universe or to pull energy into the sphere (such as scrying with a quartz crystal ball). Spheres are lovely to use with your points and connecting crystals, but they aren't true generators.

OK, So How Do we Bring All of This Together?

So you have your crystals, you have a gridding board and a pattern in mind. Now what?

Your crystal grid is an expression of you, your conscious and unconscious mind and your Higher Self or Spiritual Aspect (and it's always great to invite your inner child into the mix). Start by calming your mind and body through the best method that works for you. Decide what's most important for you in this moment; what physical, spiritual or emotional work is calling to you. Perhaps you want to increase your health, well-being or your capacity for greater compassion. There are no wrong choices when following your heart!

Crystal Grid

Choose the crystals, stones and gridding tools that best fit with your chosen intention. Perhaps you chose rose quartz to represent your deep love, compassion and commitment to others, quartz points to amplify and connect the rose quartz energy and amethyst stones to connect the heart chakra with the crown chakra, tapping the divine and energizing your chakra light body. Now sit with your generators and find the right centering point; do you have a rose quartz, amethyst or some other stone to represent this particular grid? Perhaps you have a beautiful quartz crystal tower with a center terminated point and 6 nice crystal faces - perfect!  

How Do I Know if This is Working at All?

Throughout this process you have been setting an intention. Beginning with your meditation or centering exercise, choosing the feelings and thoughts which felt right in the moment, choosing your grid and crystals and then your generator. Now take a moment to sit with all of the components you have assembled. Focus your mind on your intention as you visualize your energy connecting with the energy of your crystals, holding the intention. For some, this is a repetitive mantra such as "loving kindness, loving kindness, loving kindness..." while allowing a light, warm loving feeling to emanate from your center or heart chakra. 

Holding these feelings and mindful awareness, begin assembling your grid. Some practitioners include incense, fresh flowers, dried herbs, oils, talisman or other light working manifestation tools. To continue with out example, we bring our Rider Waite Tarot Deck and Journey Tiles, pulling 4 Tarot Cards and 4 Journey Tiles to set at the cardinal directions for inner wisdom and deeper learning about ourselves as we manifest and then activate this grid of Loving Kindness.

Remember, working with whatever tools you have in this present moment is perfect! To not work at all rarely leads to new insights, experiences and inner understanding. Be mindful of your critical voice (that pesky gremlin!) and release any unwanted thoughts or feelings to the universe. You are wonderful, beautiful and creative in this moment, exactly as you are. Be in Love with Yourself and hug that inner kiddo!! 


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