Easing into Your New Divination Practice

September 16, 2020

Easing into Your New Divination Practice

Have you ever found yourself browsing an endless catalog of divination options, such as Tarot decks, Journey Tiles, Animal Oracle systems, Angel Cards... only to feel overwhelmed with what to pick? And then you pick one but that tiny Gremlin voice, the one that we all have in our heads, starts poking holes in your feel-good idea, "You don't need to spend your money on more paper!" and, "When are you actually going to learn to use those?" 

Completely normal BTW!

Our inner critic likes to help sort us out and keep us safe, but often at the expense of our inner child: the creative, jubilant little light that just wants to lead with adventurous discovery and Magic! Anxiety can easily lead us to indecision and self-judgement, which is again acting in our best interest of safety and security. So how do we modulate that voice while allowing the inner child to explore, create and summon our greater existence?

Our Critical Voice

Wait, I thought this was about adding an oracle system to our daily routine! Yes, we are just about to go there, but first we need to take a moment and meet the Gremlin inside. Naming the critical voice makes life a little easier to navigate when looking at something new, such as using an oracle system, maybe for the very first time.

Let's begin by taking a brief moment to close our eyes and invite our critical voice forward, with love and support as she (or he) is only here to help us. You may find it easier to give her a form, such as a cugly (cute-ugly) little Gremlin or Puff of Soot from the fireplace with big blinky eyes. There are no wrong manifestations of your critical voice. Take a deep breath and allow an image or even just a color to form in your mind's eye.

Now, let's invite her to read a good book, listen to some music, just take a few minutes of downtime while we play, just for a minute. Sometimes, if she's in a super excitable mood, you may have to be direct, "Take your book and go find a spot to read for the next 20 minutes! and, I love you!" Send her off on a task, take another deep breath and watch her go to her own space.

This is completely juvenile, silly and ridiculous!

Yes, that's all true, especially from the mindset of the Critical Voice... so let's give that aspect a time out so we can play, just for 20 minutes. From an adult perspective, you are giving yourself time to be with YOU; authentic time, time without a constant critical monologue running loudly like an open faucet dripping somewhere far off in the house. This process is called naming and taming the critical voice or as I like to explain it, working with your Gremlin.

This is a perfect exercise to segue to working with a new oracle system. Seriously, you just focused your mind on an inner process and gave that process a directive. You were being 100% MINDFUL in doing this! Holy Moley look at you taming your mind! Now let's take a deep breath and see ourselves dropping down even more into this moment.

If you have never worked with an oracle system or you are exploring a new one, depending on your available bandwidth, to do list for the day, work pressures, health needs and of course, the Gremlin's take on everything going on, it may seem like an impossible task to learn yet another thing: how to read a Tarot spread or how to set up a new Crystal Grid for Archangel guidance. Deep breath. Send the Gremlin back to her book, "Thank you, I love you!"

You have permission to simply sit with the new oracle. Just take in the pictures, colors, textures and words. Simply notice how you feel, how your body reacts physically, even subtly, bringing your mind back to your breath while noticing.

Reality is simple in small moments.

You can pull one card, one tile, one animal totem, one crystal and read just about that one randomly pulled object. Let the one item be your lantern for today, one image or idea to offer insight into the realms of Faery Folk, Nature Divas or Archangels. You get to take this one amazing insight with you as you go about your day!

Healing Tile

That's one insight you may not have had with you today. One idea that might have manifested in other ways, but you were too busy arguing with the Gremlin to see it... instead you chose to pull a card from your new Tarot Deck, a tile from your Journey Bag, you took a deep breath, sat with yourself and read, choosing to spend twenty minutes with just you and, most likely, an amazing cup of coffee or tea!!

That's the tool being offered today: ask the inner critic to take a timeout, breathe with intention, pull a card, tile, rune or crystal, read a little about it, breathe, sip your amazing beverage, breathe and then go about your day. You may find that placing the item that you pulled in a location where you can come across it a couple of times throughout your day may be helpful in the most unexpected ways. Often things are occurring in our lives and the learning from the oracle is shouting, "Here I am!! Don't forget about me!!" and having it in a place where you suddenly notice it... BOOM... the realization can happen. Magic in motion! The great AH-HA moment, maybe, and if nothing else, a muscle-memory recall of that calming wonderful 20 minute hiatus that you took just for you earlier in the day.

And to the Critical Gremlin, I love you!  


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