How to Set Your Crystal Grid with Journey Tile Intentions

September 09, 2020

How to Set Your Crystal Grid with Journey Tile Intentions

Preparing and Centering

Each morning, following a twenty minute Mantra based meditation, I pull two Journey Tiles randomly with the intention of having insight for the upcoming day. The morning meditation allows me to center my breath, calm my mind and connect with my higher self. Mantra based meditations can consist of a personal mantra from a specific practice, such as Transcendental Meditation or using a Tibetan mantra, such as OM MANI PADME HUM* or even a Meta or loving kindness mantra such as "May all beings find peace and joy." Mantras then repeat, silently or with the exhalation of breath throughout the meditation timeframe.

Choosing The Crystal Grid(s)

I then choose my crystal grid or grids and my base crystals for today's Journey Tiles. While I am using one of our products, Journey Tiles, you can use any Crystal Grid or combination of Grids you wish as well as any affirmation card set, totem cards or tarot cards. Today I am using two smaller grids with my morning practice. 

The first grid represents my conscious mind, Metatron's Cube Grid.  The sacred geometry of Metatron is representative of the energetic Overlighting Archangel Metatron, known to hold the energetic pattern of all creation throughout the universe and even the multiverse. Therefore I am choosing (setting the intention) that this grid represents my conscious mind, my conscious realized reality that I am both creating and experiencing.  

I then set a separate intention for the second Crystal Grid (simply stating out loud the intention while remaining focused on the grid pattern), this grid represents my unconscious mind, the Flower of Life Grid. Spiritualists revere this sacred geometrical form as a holographic vibration of the Ancient Akashic Records, emanating the energetic vibration of the fundamental forms of space and time. Therefore I am choosing this grid to represent my unconscious mind, all that I am not consciously aware of but is impacting my thoughts, feelings and behaviors. 

Setting Intention, Crystals and Journey Tiles

Metatron's Grid - Conscious Awareness

Today I have chosen all clear quartz crystals with the addition of two palm stones for my Metatron's Cube Grid, a Dragon Blood Jasper and a Charoite. 

Clear Quartz carries the energetics of your intentions and bodily vibration, and when setting your intention(s) while focused on the stone is also known as programming the crystal. Dragon Blood Jasper is known for its enhancement of Strength, Courage, Compassion and Vitality and corresponds with the Heart Chakra. Charoite is often associated with the Soul, providing strong healing energies, both emotional and physical, while easing anxieties and bolstering courage.

I have found that in these trying times, setting these two stones on the conscious grid enhances my inner focus on healing, calmness, strength and compassion. Surrounding them with clear quartz offers a magnification of energies, creating a healing wave throughout the space.

I set my intention for this grid as I place the crystals where they feel most appropriate, moving in a clockwise direction around Metatron's Cube. I simply say out loud, this grid represents my conscious understanding and mental functioning. I silently ask my Higher Self for guidance today as I reach into my Journey Bag and randomly pull a Tile. I reveal the word "Flexibility" and place it in the center of the grid. I then place a Clear Quartz Generator on top of the center tile. Using my Vogel Point (pictured at the top center), while holding the thought of Flexibility for my conscious awareness, asking to be open to the learning of what this tile will bring to my journey, I touch the generator and then each crystal, always returning to the generator after each crystal connection. This is called "Activating the Grid."  

Flower of Life Grid - Unconscious Awareness

Moving to the Flower of Life Grid, I place my crystals, choosing all clear quartz and a quartz sphere for my Grid Generator. Tower Crystals with points move energy in a vortex pattern that is shaped like a doughnut, known as a Toroidal or Torsion Field. Sphere generators move energy out in all directions, emanating throughout the universe and multiverse. Because I am setting the grid intention for unconscious awareness, I am choosing to send the energy out to all areas of creation, especially to the shadows of my unaware conscious self. 

Once again, speaking out loud, I set my intentions as this grid represents my unconscious understanding and mental functioning. I silently ask my High Self for guidance today as I reach into my Journey Bag and randomly pull a Tile. I reveal the word "Enlighten" and place it in alignment with the outer circle of the Flower of Life, at the bottom of the grid. I could have placed this tile under the sphere generator, but this felt right today, so I followed my instinct. 

Using my Vogel Point, while holding the thought of "Enlighten" for my unconscious awareness, asking to be open to the learning and any manifestations of what this tile will bring to my journey today, I touch the generator and then the top most crystal, then back to the generator and then to the next crystal to its right and back to the generator. I repeat this pattern in a clockwise rotation, activating the grid.

Completing the Daily Practice

Thanking my Higher Self, I remain in still silence, allowing my breath to guide my mind, letting any emerging thoughts move aside. Then, when the time feels right, I set my grids aside, finding a location where I can see them as I work through my day. Knowing that the lessons of the Journey Tiles of "Flexibility" and "Enlighten" will make themselves known, assuming I am open to the realizations, and can then be processed in my evening meditation or as I sleep tonight. Often I find the learning to happen when I least expect it and in ways I could not have assumed or made up. Being a willing participant in my own experience is key, while also allowing myself to "not know" the answers goes a long way to discovering another footprint of my soul as I walk my daily journey.


* Om Mani Padme Hum: (Auṃ maṇi padme hūṃ) is the six-syllabled Sanskrit mantra particularly associated with the four-armed Shadakshari form of Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva of compassion. It first appeared in the Mahayana Kāraṇḍavyūhasūtra where it is also referred to as the sadaksara and the paramahrdaya, or "innermost heart" of Avalokiteshvara.
Source: Wikipedia


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